Saturday, April 4, 2009

A time to begin

Well, lovely folks, I suppose that this is the time to begin. Just so that you're in the know, there are a few motivating factors at play, and since I am the writer, and you are the reader, it falls upon me to share them:
  1. I started the Challenge Bank (I'll post more on this one later), and this seemed the easiest way to communicate how that whole thing is going.
  2. My mother started a blog (my mother being rocketlily) and I wanted to go along on this weblogging adventure with her. Mother is wonderful, and hopefully this will strengthen our bond like dried up jam. (Hopefully you'll also go and give her blog some love).
  3. I need an outlet, and this seems like a lovely multimedia journal-type option, since the paper journal isn't getting much use these days, and proper scrapbooking is for weenies and involves actually printing photos.
  4. Like most other bloggers, I apparently feel the need to be heard and understood by people, even if that includes strangers. Bizarre days that we live in, non?
So this day is the time to begin, with no knowledge of when the time to end or time to go on hiatus may be. Such an adventure it is! I shall pack a sweater and some granola bars, and perhaps a little spending money (you never know when you'll want to pick up a souvenir).

Since no one likes plain text, I'll leave you with a photo of a bookshelf that I made. (Sidenote: I just read Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris and in it, a character calls them 'buckshelves' instead of 'bookshelves,' and I shall be forever tainted by this). Here is my buckshelf:

And another thing... I was woken up this morning with a call from London, being asked for my shoe size. In the context of real life, it makes complete sense... but in the context of being woken up, it's fairly surreal.


  1. We love a good blog. And UI'm jealous - no one EVER calls me from London, not even for something normal like a money scam much less surreal like my shoe size.

  2. Whoop whoop~!

    So, I'm trying to follow this, and I hope that means that I get an email when you post something, because I won't remember to check Google Reader, maybe.

  3. THIS IS A SPAM COMMENT, but I am able to read the little thingo and type in the special text!