Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lovely walk, dirty city

In my constant endeavour to walk 10,000 steps per day (yes, I'm an old lady with a pedometer), I thought I'd mix my errands with walking today. While I had to actually drive to get to the errand-places, I had a brilliant mind moment and decided to park several blocks from all the places that I needed to be.

And since they had a few blocks between each of them, and since one of my stops left me with more purchases (and thus, weight) than was comfortable (and thus, I had to return to my car mid-errands and head out again), I managed to get in 10,200 steps (or so). Yes!

It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside, but this city, post-winter and post-sand-and-gravel-on-the-roads, while pre-green-grass-and-flowers, is dirty and disgusting and gross. I thought I'd take some pictures to spice up this post, but I didn't want to hurt my camera's feelings.

Waiting for more rain, more sun and more fresh green... then I'll have some Lovely walk, lovely city photos for you.

Last thought: I was recently challenged by a couple of friends to find what my passion is... is it possible that I'm absolutely boring and my passion is walking?


  1. Would you join the Olympic walking team?

    Congrats on the 10,000!

  2. Pictures of a dirty cities and gutters can make very interesting pictures, especially in black and white.

  3. I love my dirty gungy e-town spring - there's nothing more gratifying than cycling to work in nasty snow and then gravel, then the street sweeps come and clean everything up and I get to put on my slicks and fenders wheeee - ahhhh bliss!!! The garbage along Wayne Gretzky drive is rather festive and worthy of being photographed but not in a, you know - new year's celebratory sort of way, more like an urban waste sort of way.

    I recently discovered other people are scared to take pictures just anywhere they go - it makes them feel nervous because someone might see them *gasp* taking pictures. I'm often self-conscious when I'm taking personal pictures, because I don't have the same kind of implied or expressed consent as when I'm shooting for a client. Apparently there are other people who aren't comfortable shooting just anywhere, too - go figure?

    Walking isn't a bad passion. Searching for a magic bullet (passion) is a horrible habit though - you spend so much time being so busy looking that you barely get to enjoy the stuff you're trying before you're off in search of the grail again... it's entirely possible when you wake up every day thinking, what shall I try on as a passion today, that the only thing you can think of is, "God, I can hardly wait until ~insert task/event/trial~ here is done so I can do >fill in the blank<" If >fill in the blank< is walking, that's possibly a legitimate passion, if not a useful and healthy pastime. If it's watching TV or sleeping, then yeah - keep looking for the grail.