Monday, April 20, 2009

Into (new) community

Momentous post, y'all: the first of the challenges to be completed (or at least blogged about).

The single challenge given by my friend Aidan was a gooder. The man knows me, and the man knows what's good for me. Go to church for a month straight.

This was hard. It still is sometimes. But good things (really really good things) have come of it:
  1. I am not as scared of going to my church. It's not that I ever really thought that everyone was going to point and laugh at me, but I have been having that feeling lately when faced with groups of people that I don't know. Especially when I want to be a part of the community in question. Especially when the community in question seems so wonderful, and like such a good fit for me. If this church didn't work out, where else could I go?
  2. I've been learning things. About God, about me.
  3. I've been getting closer to God again; that sort of close that you can't always get to on your own. Or at least I've never been able to. And I'm legitimately wanting more.
  4. I'm making friends. They have fun names, like Pascal! and Eden! Those are great names, aren't they? I really think that "Make a new friend" should have been a challenge in the bank. Or "Make a new friend who has a great name." (Actually, for all I remember, it might be in there). Anyhow, if it had been a challenge, I would have written a separate blog about these fun-named people. Perhaps they will star in future posts. I'm sure they'd be thrilled at the prospect.
I have other things that I would like to share with all of you... things like spending time with old(est) friends, and returning to beloved places. I could have written about moving both forward and back to increase community, or something like that. But as it is, I have no words left.


  1. Nice to see you completed a challenge and it turned out good for you. Now you have to try to keep it up and keep this challenge going.

  2. Nice! I'm looking forward to hearing the next challenge to be accomplished!